This first video is a short infomercial on Massachusetts state laws.

Types of Pepper Spray Deliver Systems; Stream, Fog and Foam

Having a non-lethal tool like a good, strong OC spray (oleoresin capsicum) is a useful part of your defensive toolkit. This is how it can be used effectively!  

This video is a short infomercial on Massachusetts state laws. is a 45 minute interview with a convicted burglar (Michael Shayne Durden) and Police Sgt. Jon Felty of the Allen Texas Police Department. The video provides an excellent insight in what things we can do to protect our property and also how some of the best intended preventive security measures could fall short.

Fox News reports on new technology available for all mobile phones. In the video you can see what this software can do and how it is used.

Individuals have the right to defend themselves whenever it is necessary, with as much force as is necessary to ensure their safety when assaulted or detained against their will. However, the defensive actions and subsequent force being used must be objectively reasonable under the circumstances.  Unlike this video!!!

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