Get L.E.A.N.
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       Eat Clean
            Get Fit
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Wendy B


The Plan

You hear about new diets all the time. We are bombarded with lots of different information and we get confused as to what are the right personal choices for our optimum health and fitness.

Studies have proven that it takes 21 days to create a habit. Are YOU ready to make some exciting changes in your life? This program is designed to keep things simple by eating delicious whole foods, learning appropriate portion sizes, moving more and making long term changes in our behavior, health, and lifestyle. The 21 DAY DETOX is designed to eliminate toxins from your diet in 4 day bursts, while ramping up your commitment to exercise and practicing self care.

Developing healthy Lifestyle. Exercise. And. Nutrition. habits can be as simple as deciding to make a different choice when presented with the same scenario in your life, or by adding some foods and getting rid of others.

What are your short and long term health and fitness goals? There are no quick fixes or short term answers. This physical pursuit is a lifelong commitment of healthy eating habits and fitness practices. Are you ready to Get L.E.A.N.?


The information within these programs are not medical guidelines, they are mere suggestions on healthier alternatives in lifestyle, exercise, and nutrition. In no way are they meant to be interpreted as a prescription or licensed dietary plan.


These programs are designed for healthy, non-pregnant, individuals 18 years and older. They are not intended as a substitute for any exercise, treatment, or dietary regimen that may have been prescribed by your physician or dietitian.


Check with your physician or health care provider before participating in this or any exercise and lifestyle changing programs. You must have a complete physical if you are sedentary, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight, taking any medications or over the age of 30 years old.

Please discuss all nutritional and exercise changes with your physician and registered dietitian. If it is recommend that you do not use this or any other similar programs, follow your doctor's orders.