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Celebrating the people who transformed their lives with the help of 241 FITNESS 

I just wanted to say thank you. I was only at your gym for 3 months (Dec 2014 - Feb 2015) but you have made a HUGE impact on my life. If it wasn't for you and your team making fitness less intimidating for me I probably would have never left the couch. I am now 65 pounds lighter. 27 inches smaller. And a whole lot healthier!!! I love fitness now. I love my body. And it is all thanks to you. Congratulations on the amazing business you have created. I couldn't have done this without you. My next goal - to become a fitness instructor and bring happiness to other people!!! Thank you. You are amazing!!

/// KK ~ Boston

"241 is the best fitness program I have ever participated in. No matter your age, body type or fitness level, you are welcome and comfortable at the classes. You get a terrific workout, learn about your body and have fun. Wendy is knowledgeable, she has put together a great team of instructors and variety of classes and she is an inspiration to those of us who have come to know her over the years. 241 will make a difference in your life!"

/// AG ~ Falmouth

"Thank you 241 FITNESS for bringing (and keeping) fitness into my life in such a positive way. Thank you for giving me confidence, for making me strong, for building my cupcakes, and for helping me to shed a bunch of weight and several pants sizes! Thank you for bringing together an amazing group of people! Thank you for being amazing yourselves! Since I last checked in, I've kept off those pesky pounds, and now I'm working on toning everything up - bathing suit season? BRING IT!!! Your advice, instruction, and enthusiasm keeps me going even when I don't want to anymore!"

/// TC ~ Maine

"Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being so motivational, inspirational, welcoming, hilarious and just generally wonderful. I'm a community college professor in D.C. and had put on 10 pounds this past year just from grading papers and making excuses (It's too late in the day! I have too much work to finish!) to not go the the gym. This summer, knowing I'd be off for 3 months, I promised myself I'd make some positive lifestyle changes. Thanks to you two, I think I accomplished much more than I set out to. I'll miss you tons in D.C."

/// LW ~ Washington DC

"241 Fitness has changed my life. I have ADHD and depression. 9 years ago I was put on depression medication and blew up 100 pounds in 6 months. For the last ten years I have learned the difference in the way people treat you and more important you treat/feel about yourself 100 pounds overweight. Heartbreaking. Over the last decade I’ve tried everything. But the pressure to lose a large amount of weight was discouraging; I wanted the 100 pounds to come off as fast as it came on, didn’t happen. Then when I found exercise I liked it for a week, with my ADHD I would get bored and give up. This happened over and over. I needed an exercise program that could keep me from getting bored, (nothing worse than forcing yourself to run inside on a machine like a bunch of human hamsters on wheels at the gym) something that would stay changing, exciting, go by fast (for my hyperactivity) and keep my attention and interest (almost impossible) all the time so I could exercise… 241 Fitness was my solution! They offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels, Zumba my favorite because it is fast (great for hyperactivity)- and it keeps my mental focus because it goes fast which I need-and I never get bored! Because they always change songs and teach you knew routines, plus you have tons of other classes to choose from-AN ADDED BONUS- the variety of people that the classes attract sort of builds you your own team to work out with, you get to cheer each other on, and laugh and it is so fun! I signed up last fall for the year and for the first time ever I am proud to say this time I came back after signing up. I instantly became and have stayed an active member. I can’t wait to get to my classes at night! The excitement never fades, you could never get bored with 241 Fitness-and because I attend 241 Fitness several times a week personal results include the following-I no longer have depression or need depression medicine, my attention and focus has improved in all areas of my life (no more pacing or tapping pens at work yes I was that annoying co worker), I’ve lost 50 pounds, 3 pants sizes and am halfway to my healthy weight, (but my body has toned and sculpted because of the all body toning exercises, so even with the 50 pounds left to lose I look better already than I did at my healthy weight!) I have never felt so alive, able to move my body, my self esteem and confidence is back, the compliments keep coming, but most important I am happy and healthy and it is all thanks to  241 Fitness instructors and members (or my team) thank you all and see you at our next class! 241 fitness works!"

/// CMP ~ Falmouth

"241 Fitness was Amazing for me" I recommend Wendy and entire 241 Fitness team. improve fitness or weight loss. The 21 day fix program helped me lose weight. At least 25 pounds in under 100 days. I weigh less TODAY because of it! Since, moving away from Cape Cod, I have been forced to go to other places. There is no one else, who does a better job inspiring and even explaining how each exercise helps and which muscles are being used than Wendy. She and 241 Fitness have my highest recommendation. PS - Hoping to enjoy honor of paying for an extra class if I am temporarily visiting Cape Cod! Which class? TRX ! Zumba! Kickboxing! 20/20/20! Step! Any class is worth it! 

///M.P. ~ Manchester

"I decided to try the 21 Day Detox to change some eating habits and reduce my wine consumption (from a daily glass to occasional).  I really liked the approach of eliminating items every 3 days which made it easy to stay on the plan.  I committed to doing the one hour a day workouts, following the diet of lots of vegetables and found that I was rarely hungry.  To make it easier, I found new recipes – sautéed kale, baked cauliflower with olive oil and garlic, quinoa recipes for a non-meat protein – to give me flavor but allow me to  keep to the rules of the detox.  A week after the detox ended, I find I am still eating lots of healthy vegetables, lean protein, and still have not had any coffee.  I lost almost 10 pounds, over 2 inches in my waist and over an inch in my hips.  The best thing is that my Body Fat % (goal for women is between 24 – 36%) went from 35% down to 29%.  I really liked that I kept my muscle tone while losing weight.  (In a program I tried in the past I lost weight counting points but lost a lot of muscle tone and I did not in this program).  It was a terrific experience for me!" 

///A Happy, Satisfied Participant ~ Falmouth

"In the last few months I have spent a lot of time at 241! I have been going to different classes at least 5-6 days a week and I have participated in the 28 day challenge as well as the 21 day detox. I am happy to report that both resulted in inches lost, weigh loss and body fat loss! Wendy makes everything fun and she is always there for support and encouragement! Thanks Wendy for helping to make us all feel better!"💖

///M.S.J. ~ Falmouth

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